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A radiographic treatment employing contrast substance to visualize the spinal column and its contents. Begin to see the Myelography site for more information.

In magnetic resonance imaging, a magnetic subject that differs with area, superimposed on the key uniform subject on the magnet, to change the resonant frequency of nuclei and permit detection in their spatial placement.

A specialised mobile inside the brain and anxious system that gets and sends electrical impulses by way of networks of connections. neuro-oncologist

Imaging on the portal circulation by x-rays, utilizing distinction product, usually launched to the spleen or to the portal vein at Procedure.

An excessive of fluid in the pleural cavity, the space that surrounds the lungs and lies underneath the chest wall.

A range reflecting the degree and extent of calcium deposits during the partitions on the coronary arteries, as demonstrated by cardiac computed tomography. most cancers

Considered one of a set of neck veins that obtain blood in the Mind and facial area and convey it toward the heart.

The most common cardiac nuclear drugs technique, which leads to imaging of blood-stream designs to the heart muscles.

A ailment wherein surplus fluid constantly builds up within the abdominal or peritoneal cavity In spite of acceptable clinical therapy. intraoperative

A technique in which an early stage cancer from the esophagus is taken out utilizing a slim tube identified as an endoscope that's inserted in to the throat. endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP)

In a traditional angiogram, a dye is injected in the bloodstream and x-rays are taken to visualize the blood vessels. In other circumstances, CT or MRI can be employed to develop 3-dimensional images of blood vessels.

A tear during the wall of the blood vessel that enables blood under pressure to move involving the layers from the wall, earning the tear even worse.

To alter from a liquid into a thickened or reliable point out. Blood that does not stream smoothly through a vessel can coagulate or clot by turning from a free of charge-flowing liquid into a semi-reliable gel. Official Website cobalt (Co)

Cancerous cells, also known as a tumor, ready to grow into surrounding tissue, distribute to other areas of your body and demolish typical cells. Malignant is usually significantly less typically applied to describe other healthcare situations that are serious and getting progressively even worse.

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